The phonecall


“Hi…… are you busy?”

“Just finishing some stuff here at the office. What are you up to?”

“John isn’t here, he went to Decatur. I have just poured myself some

“What’s John doing in Decatur?”

“Another trip to his mother’s house… no shock there.”

“He seems to spend a lot of time out that way.” A moment of silence…

“So when am I going to see you again,” she asks in a sultry voice. The
lust clear in her intentions.

Nervously, “We can’t keep meeting like that. John isn’t stupid he’s
going to figure it out eventually.”

“Mark, he isn’t going to find out… unless he walks in and catches us.”

“Yeah you would like that wouldn’t you…” Mark says sarcastically.

“So.” She chuckles.

A silence brushes over the phone… you can hear Mark shuffling
paperwork to and from folders.

“I want you. I want to feel you inside of me.”

“Look Holly, we aren’t lovers… it was just a moment of weakness.”

“A moment of weakness? You call me with my ass in the air and your cock
buried deep inside of me having one hell of an orgasm a ‘weakness’?”

“YES! That was all it was.” You can tell Mark’s voice isn’t so sure.
Holly picks up on it automatically.

“So, why don’t you just come over and keep me company. Or you could
fuck me on our bed. Wouldn’t that turn you on, Mark?” She says with
lust in her voice, as her hand drapes over her bare cunt,
touching….rubbing…. wishing it were Mark’s hands on her body.

“You are one sick puppy. John could…… KILL me!”

“He won’t. He won’t be back until tomorrow. You forget, I’m married to
the bastard… and I know his habits. Trust me.”

You can hear Mark sigh… “Well, tell me where you want it…”

“I want it up my ass.” Her finger reaches further down as she reclines
in the recliner and lightly rubs her asshole. This causes her to moan
audibly into the phone.

“Is that so…?”

“Oh yes, Mark…. I want you to fuck me like my husband never has….
I want you to fuck my ass!” Her cunt has gotten so wet thinking about
Mark’s cock in her ass that fluid is running out of her and dripping
over her finger, which has managed to push into her asshole… in a
light fingering motion. Meanwhile, Mark’s hardon is pushing against his
business slacks and making a wet spot on his BVD’s. You can hear
Holly’s heavily breathing into the phone… as he pictures her doing
herself in the recliner.

“Are you touching yourself?” The curiosity has become too much, he has
to ask.

“Oh yes, you bet I am. I’m waiting for you to walk through that door
and fuck the living shit out of me.”

There is more heavy breathing and Mark is almost panting as loud as

“I’ll be right over.” With that, Mark hangs up…

And the recorder clicks off…. John rewinds the tape and descends down
the stairs from the attic to wait for Mark’s arrival. Holly does not
hear him, but pours herself another drink… and dresses in one of her
sexiest outfits, complete with full stockings…. waiting for the door
to open…. and her lover Mark to emerge.

It would be a quick divorce.

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