Peeping Tom

	"Are you ready to submit to my perverted fancies, my little 
slave boy?" asked Sara. She was dressed only in a soft nightgown. 
Johnny found himself staring at the her full breasts. He thought that 
he could see her nipples poking against the fabric. Bright moonlight 
poured through her bedroom windows.

	"Yes, Miss Sara, you know that I'd do anything that you wanted 
me to." said Johnny. Ever since Miss Sara had caught him peering into 
her bedroom window, he had found himself the captive of her strong 
desires. The night she had caught him, she had dragged him into her 
bedroom and forced him to lick her pussy until she was satisfied. If 
he performed to her liking sometimes she would suddenly pull him 
between her legs and allow him to slip his eager prick into her cunt, 
pumping away til he popped off. He was thoroughly under her spell.

	"Tonight I to try something a little different. Strip now." she 
commanded. Johnny felt nervous and excited as he pulled off his 
shirt over his head. He was very aware of his mistress watching his 
every move.
	"Put your arms behind you now!" said Sara. She stepped close 
to him, spun him about by his elbow so that his back was to her. She 
pulled his wrists to each other and proceeded to tie them firmly 
	"Now, you're my helpless little slave, aren't you? I can do 
anything that I want to with you. Aren't you curious what that might 
be?" She ran her fingertips across his body, making him shiver 
deliciously. Her fingers tickled him along the crack of his ass.
	She led him out of her bedroom and down the hallway of her 
country villa. They passed through a doorway into the walled garden 
that grew in the middle of her property. The summer night air was 
sweet with the smell of jasmine. They walked along a path until they 
came to a tree with low branches spreading overhead. One of the 
branches was about eight feet above the ground. the branch had a 
fork in it through which a thick rope fed. The rope dangled 
downward right over a small stool. Johnny stared with amazement. 
At the end of the rope, Sara had tied a noose.
	"I'm going to hang you, Johnny! You're going to kick at the end 
of that rope for my amusement. What do you think of that, you 
naughty boy?"
	"I I...Uh.." he stammered.
	"You trust me, don't you?" she asked.
	"Yes, Miss Sara" mumbled Johnny. He couldn't take his eyes off 
of the noose. His breathing was coarse and ragged.
	"Step up onto the stool, Johnny!" commanded Sara. Without 
objection the boy stepped forward and mounted the stool. The noose 
dangled just in front of his face. His prick bobbed and jerked slowly 
upward with his terrified arousal. She gently fitted the soft noose 
over his head and around his neck, tightening it around his throat.
	"Now, I've heard that young boys are often so randy and lustful 
that they spill their seed without any external stimulation, such as 
when they have nocturnal emissions. I've also read that men are 
sometimes brought to their moment of crisis by the act of throttling. 
Thus, I've resolved to suspend you by your sweet neck and see if 
what I've been told is true!"
	With that, Sara bent down and kissed the head of Johnny's 
bobbing cock. She began sucking gently on just the tip, delighting in 
the way his cock throbbed in her mouth. She held him with a hand 
on each of his ass cheeks. When she heard him start to whimper, she 
let his prick slide from between her lips and gave him one last slow 
lick up the underside of his prick. It jerked up against his stomach.
	Then Sara pulled Johnny forward by his hips. The stool tipped 
forward as Johnny's feet slipped and stumbled. Johnny squealed as 
the stool went over. His eyes were wide with fear. He fell an inch or 
so and then the noose jerked tight around his throat, suspending him. 
His feet reached downward vainly searching for something to stand 
on. His head was tilted to one side by the noose about his neck. He 
tugged frantically at his tied wrists and this made his body wobble 
and sway as he hung. 
	All the while, his mistress watched with bright eyes and 
quickened breath. Sara felt a nasty arousal watching her young 
victim's struggles. Johnny was kicking his feet. His prick waved back 
and forth with his motion. Sara could see how tightly his butt was 
clenching and how his testicles had drawn up tight. "How hard his 
cock is!" she thought to herself. 
	Johnny felt the insistent hold of the noose around his neck. 
Every time he kicked it just tightened a little further. His head was 
spinning and he felt afraid, yet he also felt a strange exhilaration as 
he hung. It was a sweet agony feeling so helpless and knowing that 
his mistress Sara had hung him. She was watching his slow gasping 
strangulation. The warm night breeze blew across him, and he felt 
Sara's saliva cool on the shaft of his prick. He started thrusting his 
hips forward like he was fucking a lover; he couldn't help it. He felt a 
tingling starting in his ass, a warm throbbing spreading through his 
body, centered in his cock. Then his whole body arched and spasmed 
as the pleasure exploded in him. From the shiny taut head of his 
engorged cock shot a jet of sperm, arching out across the grass. Sara 
gave a gasp and watched, mesmerized. Once, twice more Johnny's 
prick spurted forth his cum, though less forcefully. Sara watched as 
the sperm slowly ran down the shaft of his erection. 
	Shaking herself, she gave a tug to the slip-knot that held the 
rope and caught Johnny as he fell. She lowered him to his back and 
loosened the noose. He began panting rapidly and groaning. Then she 
rolled him him over and untied his wrists. 
	"Come, my sweet boy, back to my bed. Your next orgasm will 
be between my thighs." Sara said. Her clit was tingling and anxious 
for some attention. In the back of her mind, she was wondering if a 
woman would react in the same manner to the stimulus of being 
hung. She wondered if she would try it herself.

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