Call it even someday. An erotic tale.

It had been one of the most embarrassing things that had ever
happened to me. Now, standing on the fringe of a group of my
brother’s pretentious friends and hearing my sister-in-law
repeat the story for their amusement, it was even more so.

Cheryl loved to do those little things that put me down in
front of others. It was as if she had to point out for them
that she had made the right choice in dumping me and taking
up with my brother. He’s the big shot entrepreneur. I’m just
the klutz … the fuck up. She, of course, is the one who
almost picked the wrong brother, but didn’t. The next thing
she’d be telling their friends that my cock is shorter too, I

Five minutes later, when I’d returned from getting myself a
beer, her little circle of groupies laughed out loud and
looked my way just as I heard her say, ..’it’s true. I swear.
What can I say? Their mother called the wrong one Dick.’ A
real stand-up comic.

I was getting tired of being the brunt of her sarcasm. We’d
had words about it before but she got really nasty. She as
much as told me if I didn’t like it I could take a hike. That
my brother had just given me a job because he felt sorry for
me, and that that could end real fast if she gave him the

The sting of being embarrassed still lingered in my gut when
I saw Cheryl a few days later. I was twenty miles from home
in a neighboring town picking up a tendering package from
their municipal offices. There she was scooting along the
main street like she was going to a fire. I knew I didn’t
want to face her so I just hung back to see where she was
going. I followed her into an out-of the-way bar and watched
from a distance while she slipped into a booth next to a guy
I’d never seen before. It sure as hell wasn’t my brother!
They were obviously more than just friends. His tongue was
half way down her throat on the first kiss and his hand ran
up her leg and squeezed her ass cheeks like he’d been there
before. Cheryl nestled back in his arms rubbing herself
against him like a horny cat.

They ordered a drink but didn’t even stay to finish it.
Fifteen minutes later they were tucked in at a local motel
making noises that I could hear right through the door.

It was almost four o’clock when she returned to her car. She
didn’t see me at first and it startled her when my old
Mustang slid into the spot beside her deep blue Mercedes.
‘What are you doing here?’ she snapped. ‘Aren’t you supposed
to be working?’

‘Just picking up the tapes from your motel room,’ I smiled,
indicating the generic brown envelope on the seat beside me.

It was the tendering documents, but she didn’t know that. Her
face had gone blank and she leaned back against the car like
the world was about to end. Several times she opened her
mouth to speak but no words came out. There was anguish in
her eyes as they searched my face for some escape, some shred
of hope that would release her from her predicament.

‘I wasn’t…’ she began and then stopped.

‘Yes you were Cheryl,’ I smiled confidently and patted the
package beside me.

‘And it’s all on tape.’

Tears formed in the corners of her eyes and her face
contorted in wretchedness.

‘I was just … breaking it off…’ she bleated, her voice
trailing as she realized the pointlessness of her excuse.

A long silence ensued while she pressed her forehead to her
clenched fist and wept. They were real tears and it was true
remorse that she felt. She turned her pleading eyes on me
looking for some sympathy, but I just arched my eyebrows,
smiled and patted the brown paper envelope. I really wanted
to tell her my compassion was as short as my dick but I
didn’t want humor to diminish her suffering.

Arrangements were made for her to follow me on the short trip
back. She wanted to talk, negotiate right there in the
parking lot, but I didn’t. Desperate and frustrated at having
no indication of what I was going to do, she begged me not to
tell my brother. In her desolation she blurted out ‘I’ll do
anything. To which I replied, ‘Yes you will.’ To further
underscore her situation, I made her take off her panties
beside the car and give them to me.

The next day I didn’t phone her at all. Several times she
tried to call through to me but I wouldn’t answer. When I got
home from work she was parked outside my apartment, waiting.
She looked as if she hadn’t slept and the puffiness around
her was definitely from crying.

Her first approach was the old Cheryl. Confidant, arrogant,
and demanding, she told me that she’d brought two thousand
dollars cash and that I was to turn over the tape to her and
never speak of it again. She strode into my apartment like
she owned it, and me, and laid it on the line. ‘Give me the
tape, keep your mouth shut and you won’t have a problem. If
you ever again raise the subject again, no one will believe
you and your brother will side with me.’ She stood there
then, hands on her hips, looking down her nose at me like I
was some vile child who had offended her.

‘Take off your clothes,’ I replied matter-of-factly.

‘There’s no way in hell,’ she blustered, but her self-
assurance didn’t ring true. She looked uncomfortable for a
moment, her eyes darting here and there to avoid contact with
mine. Finally, she sighed deeply, looking down at her hands
and playing with her fingers.

‘Look, …er, if two thousand isn’t enough, I’ll get more…
It, ah, …just takes time.’

‘Take off your clothes,’ I repeated.

‘All right!’ she snapped. ‘But you’ll only fuck me once and
then the deal is over. You’ll give me the tape,’ she declared
emphatically. Angrily, her hands began to unfasten her

‘Do it slowly,’ I instructed putting a CD into the machine.
‘I want you to strip for me like an expensive whore.

Not at all happy with the scene, she nonetheless began a
slow, self-conscious dance. Her blouse went first and her
hands trembled as they contended with the small buttons. I
couldn’t believe that she actually blushed when she faced me
in her brassiere. Still moving too quickly, she reached
behind to unfasten her skirt and I stopped her. ‘Take your
time. Show off your tits a bit. Shake them for me and let me
see you feel them up. Then lift your skirt and give me a
little preview of what’s under there. Remember, you’re not
just a piece of meat. You’re a piece of cunt.’

A few minutes later her bra and skirt had joined her blouse
on the floor. She wore no stockings and her tanned legs
looked great sticking out of the openings in her white
panties. Her tits swayed tantalizingly as she moved to the
music and the nipples stood out like acorns. There were no
more pauses where I had to tell her what to do next. She
rolled her panties down to the fringe of her pubic hair and
rocked her hips provocatively like any slut would do. The
black pelt of tangled curls that I had loved so much peaked
above the elastic waistband capturing my eyes and mesmerizing
my dick.

From the look on her face, Cheryl thought she was back in
control now. Her hand disappeared into her pants and she
humped against it, smiling knowingly at the bulge in the
front of my trousers. Not eighteen inches >from my face she
slipped her panties down onto her thighs and writhed her
naked pussy at me. The scent that I’d all but forgotten
filled the air and I grinned to myself to know that she was
wet. Using both hands she smoothed back the hair and framed
her cunt lips. She edged forward with her undulating hips
lifted toward my face. ‘Is this what little Dickie wants?’
she hissed smugly. I reached out to her flaunted treasure and
gripped a large patch of her pubic hair between my thumb and
forefinger. She winced as I twisted and tugged hard on it
forcing her up onto her toes. ‘You’re not in any position to
give me attitude,’ I reminded her. A word from me and my
brother won’t want you around anymore. One look at the tapes
and he’ll throw you out on your ass.’

The smugness had gone out of her when I relinquished my grip.
My hands pressing down on her shoulders signaled her to her

Tentatively her fingers ran up my thigh until they circled my
cock. Her hand unfastened my belt and tugged my hardon into
view. She’d sucked it before, when we were going together,
but she’d never let me come. I slid my own pants down and
stepped out of them. With her head against my thigh, I rubbed
my prick all over her face taking extra time around her nose
and lips. She didn’t balk when I told her to lick my balls
and I watched with amusement as her pointed, pink tongue
bathed each testicle.

Cheryl choked as I pushed to the back of her throat. It
seemed ironic to me to think that she’d ridiculed me for
having a small cock and now she was choking on it. With every
stroke I wanted to hear her gag. As I got close I wound my
fingers tightly into her hair. I hoped she still disliked
come in her mouth because I was about to fill her up.

The first spurt hit the back of her throat and she panicked.
My grip on her hair held her head in place while the next jet
all but filled her mouth forcing her to swallow. The knob of
my cock was just inside her lips and my come flooded over her
tongue once again. It was all I could do to stand the
intensity. I pushed back in deep and held on tight until my
orgasm subsided. I could feel her throat contract each time
she swallowed. As I relaxed she started to move away until I
told her to stay and clean it all up. Her head dutifully
bobbed over my softening cock as she licked and sucked the
remnants of my spend. For several minutes I watched the top
of her head moving against me and felt the softness of her
tongue on my sated prick. Then she sat back on her heels and
looked forlornly at my face.

‘You aren’t going to give me the tapes are you?’ she asked.

‘Not until I’m ready,’ I confessed.

‘When will that be?’

‘When you’re no longer of any sexual interest to me.’

‘Will you at least keep my secret?’ she implored.

‘From my brother? Yes. From my friends? No.’

The idea clearly distressed her. For a moment she sat
twisting her hands in
her lap.

‘You wouldn’t let them…’ she began and then stopped.

‘Of course,’ I snickered. That’s what friends are for…

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