Good day in the hot tub

sexy spaI knew when I woke up that this was a day I had needed for some time. I was getting out of work at 2:30pm today and I knew my husband was meeting friends to watch the Patriots game. I posted on my Facebook that I was going into town this afternoon to my favorite spa, a place where there were public and private hot tubs. I had been going there for years, even before I met my man, and he loved sitting in them, too. I needed a good tub so I asked if any of my friends wanted to go with me and split the cost of a private tub.

By noon I got my first real reply, but it was from one of my man’s friends. This guy, Max, was vanilla as in he had no idea we were in the lifestyle or what I did. I texted my man and said, “Max responded saying he would love to meet me,” so I asked him about Max.

He laughed and told me, “Max is fine. It should be fun teasing him because I never thought Max was a sexual kinda guy.”

So I wrote Max and explained about the spa and that I was a member.

Max texted me saying, “I’m working in Boston and since the spa is in Cambridge, I can do it.”

We agreed to meet at 4pm, so I called and reserved a private tub.

I was hoping for more people to say yes but got nothing but likes on the invite. After work I drove straight there. I had packed what I needed and a change of clothes in case I could find some fun afterwards. I didn’t think that Max was that type but I knew I was going to see if he was.

I walked in and greeted the hippy dude that works there. Max was already there holding his gym bag and wearing a suit. Max is 53 years old and works in some sort of legal department firm, I didn’t ask. I also knew he was in a band or at least he knew somebody in one. He stood an easy six foot and his balding salt and pepper hair was neatly slicked back. He was over weight but not huge. He greeted me in a mellow shy way and I got the key to the private room. As we walked in I told him that the place was great. The worker guy turned on the light, the tub, and closed the door as he left.

Max walked over to the tub, felt the water and said, “I’m going to enjoy this.”

I began to disrobe as he fumbled around in his gym bag, then he turned around with his bathing suit in his hand I was already in the shower and I heard him say he didn’t know that you had to do that prior to getting in the tub. I replied, “Yes, before and after is good, too.”

I soon shut off the water and came out; he saw me standing there naked and froze. I saw he had put his bathing suit on and had his clothes laid out for his exit from the tub. He didn’t know what to say but he watched me till I submerged myself in the hot steaming water.

He looked shocked and said, “Oh, I assumed we needed bathing suits since your man said that was what I needed.”

I said, “Oh, this is not the case in private tubs, but you may wear one if you are uncomfortable without it.”

He got in the tub with his shorts on.

I asked Max, “What had my man said to you about us meeting?”

Max replied, “He told me that it was cool and to bring a suit and that was all.”

We made small talk about our jobs. I began to rub my clit under the water as I really wanted sex tonight and I wasn’t sure it was going to happen here. I stretched out and floated over to get some water while I kept my eyes on him.

He finally said something as I broke his concentration, “God, you have an amazing body.”

“Thank you,” I said, and then I sat right next to him on a stronger jet.

He said, “The water feels great; I really needed this.”

When I stretched my entire body out, my leg hit his and I floated up to the surface; he could see the entire front of my body.

He said, “Wow, I’ve always wanted to see you naked.”

I laughed and said, “Well, now you have.”

My phone made a text noise and I walked over to the side of the tub. It was my man asking how it was going.

I texted back, “Max is wearing his bathing suit in a private tub and I’m not.

My man must have laughed as he replied, “Can you get his shorts off to suck his cock?”

“I’m up to that challenge,” I replied, but wasn’t thinking it could happen till Max’s phone went off. My man had just texted Max a text which he read, then he smiled and kind of blushed.

I asked, “What does that say?”

He said, “You don’t want to know!”

I said, “Yes, I do.”

I waded over to him and tried to grab the phone. But he moved it away from me and laughed.

I said, “Come on, show me or tell me what was the message”.

Well, I finally got the phone from him but I think he wanted me to get it. The text from my man said he could remove his suit and ask me to suck his cock.

I laughed and said, “Well I can’t, because somebody still has his suit on,” and laughed.

Max asked, “So, if I had my suit off you’d suck my cock?”

I said, “If it was off and you told me to, I would.”

Max said, “Really?”

“Yes. I always do what I’m told.”

Max said, “In that case show me your ass.”

I smiled and walked over to him and bent over raising my ass above the water.

He said, “I’m an ass-man and you have a perfect ass.”

I wiggled it and laughed. He asked if he could touch it.

I quipped, “Are you asking or telling?”

He reached out and felt my ass and commanded, “Raise it up higher… higher,” till it was almost head level to him.

He slid his suit down and his hard cock was pointing out of the water as he felt my ass, opening it up so he can see my privates close up. He was average but throbbing hard and motioned for me to suck it. I laid across him and pulled it to me just enough out of the water to suck it and I did for all it was worth. He came in five minutes or less filing my mouth and muffling his moans as I gulped it all down; it was a lot.

He was really “blown away” saying, “I can’t believe what just happened, I can’t believe what just happened!”

I told Max, “It’s ok, my man and I do this kind of stuff all the time – we swing!”

He finally relaxed about it.

We stayed in the tub for another ten minutes. I was extremely horny and needed relief. When we were ready to leave I texted my new friend Mark (from Sunday fun day story). He agreed that I needed to come over asap.

A hug, kiss and a thank you and we went off in our separate ways.

I raced over to Mark’s who had two shots of Patron waiting for me. Moments later I was naked and on the way to his bed. He said he couldn’t wait to see me again and we jumped on the bed rolling into a sixty nine. It didn’t take me long to cum when he began licking my already soaked pussy as I gobbled his huge cock.

He told me, “Stop, I’m not going to last long,” and we switched to doggy style.

He really fucked me hard; I mean it hurt sometimes when he crashed into me. I came so hard when he slapped my ass calling me a slut. His cock was so big – my man’s cock can’t open me like his does. Soon he grabbed my hips and was really driving deep and hard as fast as he could. He stopped again holding back.

I asked him, “Where do you want to cum?”

He replied, “I want to cum all over your married face,” and raised my legs onto his shoulders and began slamming into me. It didn’t take long before he pulled out and crawled up to my face and buried it in a goopy load. My face was drenched. Mark collapsed beside me out of breath. We were both satisfied.

He gave me a t-shirt to wipe off and said, “I hope this will become a regular thing.”

I gave him the look and said, “It just might as I love your monster cock.” I took it in my hands and finished squeezing every drop out of him. I got up, thanked him and drove home where my man and his friends were watching the game. I could barely walk. My man asked if I did what I was told.

I said, “Yes, and it was fun breaking the vanilla man for the 3 minutes that it lasted.”

He kissed me and hoped I was ready for him later. I knew I was up for it, but I blew him and he fell right to sleep as did I.

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